Home Decor Trends for the New Year

The way we view and spend time in our homes has changed drastically in the past year. Homes are now the epicenter for work, school, entertainment and just…living! Maybe you are working remotely, or your children are attending school virtually. Large gatherings in public spaces have been replaced with smaller, more intimate get-togethers at home. 

As we embark on a new year that certainly follows one of our most challenging years to date, I wanted to share some great design tips to update your current space, or possibly help create a new space more your own in 2021!

Relaxed + Cozy

Mid Century Modern has been a great design trend in the last few years, but people are starting to phase out pieces that might look artistic for something more comfortable. 2021’s style forecast is calling for more pieces of furniture that may be smaller in size, but big on comfort. To replace the artistic vibe of mid century modern, including decor items throughout the living room and entryway will help balance the aesthetic. 

More Seating 

Adding more comfortable seating options in your living room or family room, can assure there is room for everyone in your home to spend time together. Another great option to include in your living space would be to add specific areas for games or reading. Think about a table to store your puzzles and board games, or even to store well loved books. 

Luxe Minimalism 

With so many working and learning from home, adding pieces in natural materials and/or colors can have a much needed calming effect to your space. A great marble desk, natural color schemes, etc. These work day and night, so whether you’re using it for a workspace or just hoping to relax, these high-end yet natural materials will do just that.

Strong Colors + Neutrals

Neutrals are definitely high on everyone’s trend list, but throwing in fun + bright pieces can be that pop of fun that many are craving right now! Wicker and rattan are making a big comeback, but adding in a fun throw pillow or accent chair in a bright color (green is a 2021 favorite so far) gives you that burst of energy your room may need.

High-Style Accessories 

With so much focus on comfortable furniture, layering with luxe throw pillows or blankets to add to the comfort of the room is high on the trends list for this year.

Entertainment Spaces

As mentioned so many times before, we are staying in more than ever; school, work, entertaining…we are doing it all! You will start to see people making bigger investments in their TVs, sound systems, space specifically dedicated to hobbies and games. Beautifully designed kitchens + dining rooms with luxury appliances and elegant seating are the new place to host dinner parties. Investing in some of these trends will help make your home your sanctuary.

People are working on recreating their favorite atmospheres, and investing in your home will ultimately make it your sanctuary.

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