Zodiac Sign Gift Guide

The holiday shopping season is here, and if you aren’t sure about what to get the people in your life, why not play to their zodiac sign? These luxury gifts are matched to each zodiac’s personality traits, and will be the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Aquarius {January 20 – February 18}

Ujamaa Box – This subscription box features brands that are national + internationally, black-owned brands and products. With a variety of industries, such as fashion + art + health + food + beauty, this gift will be sure to keep the free-spirited Aquarius intrgiued. 

Picses {February 19 – March 20} 

Life Flower “Most Wanted” Set – As one of the water signs, Picses are known to be dreamy and romantic. These beautiful dried flower bath bombs with CBD will help anyone unwind and relax.


Aries {March 21 – April 19}

Bold, confident and unconventional are perfect words to describe the personality of an Aries sign. Face masks are now a necessary accessory, so why not find one that is beautiful, unique and stands out?

Taurus {April 20 – May 20}

This sign is known for loving the finer things in life. BentoYa Cooking is based in Japan, and brings authentic Japanese cooking while you remain in the comfort of your own home.


Gemini {May 21 – June 20} 

Geminis are known for their spunky and playful nature, so this artistically chic dining room table will make a perfect focal point in any home.


Cancer {June 21 – July 22}

Cancers are known to be homebodies, so everything comfy and cozy appeal to them. The Norlii Subscription Box is based out of Denmark, is curated with items that are meant to bring about feelings of wellness and contentment.


Leo {July 23 – August 22} 

Leos are indulgent and always wanting to put the best version of themselves forward. This natural CBD glow oil is made with CBD from Colorado and is vegan and cruelty-free.

Virgo {August 23 – September 23}

Known for their organization and attention to detail, Virgos will love this phone sanitation case by CASETiFY, which kills 99.99% of germs with UV light.


Libra {September 24 – October 22}

Libras are the socialites of the zodiac signs, so what better to help them keep in touch than with Owl Labs’ Meeting Owl Pro. It helps facilitate meetings, and also has a very aesthetically pleasing design, so it’s the perfect addition to any desktop.


Scorpio {October 23 – November 21}

This zodiac sign prefers their alone time, so the Pro Rebo Wall is the perfect gift for a Scorpio to get in a socially-distanced workout.

REBO walls – Leading the global movement in wall practice

Sagittarius {November 22 – December 21}

Always craving new knowledge + adventure, a Sagittarius will love the Crafted Taste subscription box that sends a globally inspired cocktail kits each month.


Capricorn {December 22 – January 19}

The Capricorn sign is known for being ambitious yet responsible. Willie’s Remedy Hemp-Infused Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up, but also combats the negative sideaffects of caffeine. 


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