February Favorite Things

  1. Who doesn’t need another pair of Joggers!  I would wear these in every season! Hearts never go out of style! https://bit.ly/3jcO6kB

2. Electric fireplace insert.  No fireplace, No problem!  Our current home did not have a fireplace so we purchased one of these and had a carpenter build a mantle and surround.  I fake myself out daily!  https://bit.ly/3jbGwqv

3. Colorful playing deck of cards with case. My kids, for the moment, are really into play cards (and winning).  This is so much fun and to take out AND put away! https://bit.ly/2MRgufQ

4. Susan Hable Matchsticks on OKL.  This will go with ANY DECOR and you don’t need to take a loan out to purchase! https://bit.ly/3atops1

5. Anything by SUGARFINA https://bit.ly/3ayzRT4

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